Digital Twin Innovator URM GROUP Unveils X-ACT Green Supply Chain to Translate Decarbonization Goals into Action

X-ACT Green Supply Chain digital twin and decarbonization decision support tools

Universal Risk Management Group (URM GROUP) today launched X-ACT Green Supply Chain digital twin. Enhanced with new patent-pending sustainability metrics, X-ACT digital twin and intelligent decision-making tools provide supply chain designers, operators, and stakeholders with the trusted insights they need to advance sustainability, net-zero, and decarbonization agendas.

X-ACT Green Supply Chain analyzes dynamic behaviors across value chains to identify inefficiencies or opportunities to achieve energy, carbon, capital, and operational savings. To drive smart, informed decisions that prioritize sustainability and optimize supply chain performance, X-ACT verifies the outcome of any planned changes that would be difficult, costly, or even impossible to test with other digital twin solutions or under real circumstances.

By measuring an organization’s performance and carbon footprint across the supply chain, X‑ACT tests decarbonization options, turns sustainability goals into executable strategies, builds consensus for environmental actions, and reports emissions and carbon footprints.

X-ACT Green Supply Chain includes a repository of digital twins covering all major manufacturing, logistics, and transportation value chain processes, activities, and resources to accelerate time to value. X‑ACT digital twins are fully configurable to achieve model representativeness, accuracy, and predictability despite the complexity of global supply chains. Modifiable parameters include the location of facilities, distribution centers, and warehouses, considering factors like modes of transportation, costs, carbon emissions, and renewable energy availability.

Nabil Abuelata, Chief Research Officer, URM GROUP:

“As companies transition to green and digital supply chains, they need new ways to measure performance and balance competing objectives. When companies want to reduce environmental impacts, cut costs, enhance customer service, and boost efficiency, X-ACT Green Supply Chain empowers supply chain participants to make informed decisions and drive change programs that achieve a smart balance.”

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URM GROUP delivers the answers executives and operational teams need to consistently deliver value and control risks arising from the complex nature of global business operations. Using a unique combination of digital twin technologies and intelligent decision-making tools, URM GROUP products bring problems into focus and verify which actions should be taken to advance business goals. Leaders within critical infrastructure, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and governments use X-ACT® to deliver operational excellence and make informed decisions relating to a wide range of strategic objectives, including optimization, digital transformation, and supply chain management.