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Introducing X-ACT PRO: Digital Twin Training Program

Overcome Business Obstacles, Improve Performance, and Meet Sustainability Targets with Proven Digital Twin Technologies and Strategies URM GROUP today launched X-ACT PRO digital twin training program to accelerate consulting service partners’ and X‑ACT end users’ digital twin maturity and time to value. The innovation of X-ACT PRO digital twin training program lies in its use of proven […]

Risk Rating: Scoring Challenges and Solutions

Risk rating is a complex scoring system, which relies upon previous experiences and foresight to anticipate risks that might impact the smooth functioning of business. When risks are well managed, a business can maximize opportunities and control the impact of disruptive events. Alternatively, if a risk is underestimated—or not anticipated at all—a business can suffer […]

The Value of Digital Twin Technology

Interest in digital twin technology is surging as use cases demonstrate its problem-solving value across diverse applications including operations, manufacturing, supply chains, utilities and enterprise management. A digital twin is commonly defined as a software representation of a physical asset, system or process designed to detect, prevent, predict and optimize the system being studied through real […]

URM GROUP Launches to Arm Executives with Better Risk Intelligence, Bridging the Business and IT Gap

Building on 15 Years of Success as Accretive Technologies, URM GROUP Aims to Revolutionize how the World’s Largest Brands Prescriptively Manage Business-IT Risk Universal Risk Management Group (URM GROUP), formerly Accretive Technologies, today launched to deliver its patented generative intelligence technology, X-Act® platform to a broader base of global organizations that desperately need a better way […]