Taking a Computer-Aided Engineering Approach to Business Transformation

Taking a computer-aided engineering (CAE) approach to business transformation can help businesses manage program risks, maximize value, decrease costs and accelerate innovation.

Using X-Act Libraries for Intelligent Design and Prescriptive Management of Risk

X-Act libraries are a critical asset that shortens the time to value of an X-Act deployment from months to weeks and allow businesses to benchmark their systems against best in class implementations, gain a forward-looking view of the health of interconnected systems and know when a system transformation or disruption is needed. Any decisions can be justified with accurate knowledge of the benefits, costs and constraints of any proposed change.

Cloud-Based Services Transforming Business

To board members and business divisions, cloud-based services present an ideal solution for the delivery of adaptable technology services, which include services, applications, software licenses and infrastructure.  Analogous to how electricity is delivered today, cloud-based services allow businesses to provide technology services as a utility, where supply mirrors business demands and changing volumes.  

Artificial Intelligence: Time to Move the Cursor

To thrive in world that is constantly morphing due to the acceleration of innovation and the velocity of disruption, we must move the AI cursor to generate a wider domain of intelligence.

The Empty Promise of Artificial Intelligence

The pursuit of AI assumes that human intelligence is worth replicating and will create a benefit for end users. But do we really want to replicate the flaws of human intelligence like prejudices, greed, and procrastination? Or the shortcomings of our processing capabilities? Merely replicating human intelligence using known patterns and outcomes might unburden us from menial tasks, but it won’t solve the most pressing problems of the future.