Solving the Unsolvable Performance Issues

Thomas Rose‘s latest blog post, Solving the Unsolvable Performance Issues in Complex Cloud and Bare Metal Environments, explains how IBM Cloud Load Simulation (CLS) Platform is using X-ACT® in IBM client engagements to diagnose dynamic complexity related problems that were previously believed to be unsolvable.

In this case, traditional monitoring and remedial tools were unable to identify the problem or solution when a cloud application began providing unstable service that ended by an operational collapse. Using the emulation and predictive capabilities of X-ACT, IBM was able to quickly pinpoint the problem and identified the changes necessary to keep the service running.

The X-ACT diagnosis revealed many database related problems of channels, locks and different speeds that had not been discovered during traditional testing programs. Remedial analysis found that immediate issues could be fixed by adding monitoring capabilities to avoid duplicates and possible service degradation, but in the longer term, a redesign would be the only way to contain the systemic risks caused by dynamic complexity.

Moving forward, the redesign project will be regulated by a testing platform that includes efficient pre-production certification, using X-ACT emulation to facilitate the stress and sensitivity analysis.

This case provides an excellent example of how dynamic complexity can monopolize resources that are supposed to produce more business, but instead become lost in conflicts due to dependencies and internal influences.

Through partnerships, like this one with IBM, URM GROUP is working to arm business and technology leaders worldwide with the foresights they need to confidently respond to changing system dynamics and clearly understand which (and when) preventive and opportunistic actions should be taken to ensure the continuous efficiency and cost effectiveness of operations.