Artificial Intelligence: Time to Move the Cursor

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With advanced algorithms we can now make unknowns, known, and finally release intelligence from the confines of historical patterns.

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Risk Management in the Age of Digital Disruption

Current risk management practices, which deal mostly with the risk of reoccurring historical events, cannot help business, government or economic leaders deal with the uncertainty and rate of change driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As new innovations threaten to disrupt, business leaders lack the means to measure the risks and rewards associated with the adoption of new technologies and business models. Established companies are faltering as leaner and more agile start-ups bring to market the new products and services that customers of the on-demand or sharing economy desire—with better quality, faster speeds and/or lower costs than established companies can match.

Artificial Intelligence: Time to Move the Cursor

To thrive in world that is constantly morphing due to the acceleration of innovation and the velocity of disruption, we must move the AI cursor to generate a wider domain of intelligence.

Solving Blockchain Distributed Transaction Challenges

We have developed an algorithm that aggregates multiple domain specific blockchains to form a purpose-oriented blockchain. Tested under a variety of cases to prove its applicability, the patented algorithm complements the blockchain protocol to provide a solution for multi-party transaction processes using multiple shared blockchains.

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