Solution Brief

X-ACT Risk Intelligence

Expose risks and gain certainty in decisions with X-ACT

Using digital twin technologies, X-ACT helps users explore multidimensional risk scenarios and identify conditions that might lead to an undesirable economic, performance and/or quality outcome. This includes risks that are difficult to quantify due to a lack of comprehensive data, foresight or the inherent complexity of modeling many-to-many relationships.

  • The risk reporting in X-ACT provides clear metrics that replace the guesswork of risk rating exercises with fact-based knowledge of the exact conditions, which lead to a risk and the resulting business economic, performance and quality consequences.
  • As risks are revealed, fixes or controls can be identified using digital prototyping and implemented as needed.
  • Users can gain confidence in decisions and see how different choices playout under various conditions. This is particularly useful to predict the outcome of scenarios that would be difficult, costly or even impossible to test in the real world.

This paper explains how X-ACT encompasses both the historical knowledge commonly used in AI decisioning as well as new knowledge that covers the unknowns. This solves the partiality and uncertainty problems of traditional risk practices that allow risks to grow undetected or be dismissed as outlier events.