Solution Brief

X-ACT Supply Chain

Gain confidence in decisions, operate high-performing, resilient networks, deliver sustainable service and continually find opportunities for improvement

Most supply chain participants are well versed in managing distinct supply chain phases, but the dynamics of constantly adapting, hyper-connected ecosystems continue to create pain points. By creating a virtual replication of an end-to-end supply chain—including time-dependent interactions between internal and external processes, systems, assets and components—X-ACT digital twin technologies help organizations balance competing objectives, improve performance and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Find and remove hidden bottlenecks
  • Agilely respond to changing demands at the required speed and cost
  • Clearly understand how investments or changes may help or hinder business goals
  • Identify events that may cause disruptions and manage unknown risks

This paper explains how X-ACT helps supply chain leaders can gain confidence in decisions, deliver the highest quality service at the lowest cost and continually find opportunities for improvement.