Through advisory services and use of technologies, we help clients proactively discover and control operational risks that other methods miss

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A Few of Our Clients..

CEOs and governmental leaders are facing a real dilemma today as risks are growing exponentially while most risk management methods provide no better insights than astrology.

Our universal risk management methods arm leaders with the foresights they need to confidently respond to risks and clearly understand which (and when) preventive and opportunistic actions should be taken to ensure the continuous efficiency and cost effectiveness of operations.

We Help Clients…

Identify Risk

Predict how and when operational risks will prevent your business from meeting its objectives.

Remediate Risk

Prescriptively determine which actions are needed to optimally position your business for success.

Monitor Risk

Monitor the health of systems and correctly time preventive actions to avoid any unwanted risks.

Why Re-invent Risk Management?

The practice of risk management as we know it is in jeopardy. As our world becomes more dynamically complex, the opportunity to take corrective actions is shrinking, while risks are rising. Traditional risk management will increasingly fail to provide leaders with the insights they need to navigate the uncertainty and exponential change being driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

URM GROUP is committed to developing the best practices and technology innovations that will enable business and government stakeholders to make smarter decisions in times of uncertainty, maximize future opportunities and mitigate dynamic complexity related risks associated with our modern world.

What is URM?

Universal risk management (URM) uses advanced mathematics to transform the elusive art of risk management into a scientific discipline that allows businesses to more accurately understand risk and take strategic actions to improve business outcomes.

  • Risk Modeling

    Collect information to deconstruct the system and build the models necessary to deliver a mathematical emulator that represents the system dynamics and dynamic complexity

  • Risk Discovery

    Test scenarios to identify possible risks by finding the point at which the system will hit a singularity and use the corresponding information to diagnose the cause of the risk.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Proactively build remediation plans to eliminate, eventually reduce or counterbalance the impact of unwanted risks.

  • Risk Monitoring

    Use real-time surveillance to identify changing risk patterns and apply prescriptive plans at the right time to avoid negative outcomes.


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