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We show companies how to use advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics to optimally control risk and achieve better business results

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As our world becomes more dynamically complex, the window of opportunity to take corrective actions when problems arise is shrinking and risks are rising.

Traditional operational risk management practices will increasingly fail to provide leaders with the insights they need to navigate the uncharted territories and exponential change being driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Experts in Risk Intelligence

URM GROUP helps business and government leaders as well as risk management practitioners understand how to use the most advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics principles to control risk in today’s dynamic business environment.

These methods have been proven through hundreds of client cases. By using mathematical emulation to link business risks to strategic imperatives, it becomes possible to achieve a higher annual profit margin and better profit margin growth.

As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, companies that take advantage of new and innovative technologies to expose risks caused by dynamic complexity and maintain the alignment between the goals of the business and operational execution will be better prepared to make the shifts that bring long-term success and keep the business moving toward its goals.

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Identify Risk

Predict how and when operational risks will prevent your business from meeting its objectives.

Remediate Risk

Prescriptively determine which actions are needed to optimally position your business for success.

Monitor Risk

Monitor the health of systems and correctly time preventive actions to avoid any unwanted risks.

Advanced Risk Analytics

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