Artificial Intelligence: Time to Move the Cursor

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With advanced algorithms we can now make unknowns, known, and finally release intelligence from the confines of historical patterns.

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Leading from Under the Sword of Damocles

Dr. Abu el Ata's latest book helps readers understand how advanced algorithms are being used to control risk in today’s dynamic business environment.

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Don't Let Unexpected Risks Interrupt Your Business

We help clients consistently meet their business objectives by identifying, remediating and monitoring the operational risks that other methods miss

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What is URM?

Universal risk management (URM) uses advanced mathematics to transform the elusive art of risk management into a scientific discipline that provides businesses with a reliable way to expose hidden risks across entire business ecosystems and take strategic actions to improve business outcomes.

  • Risk Modeling

    Collect information to deconstruct the system and build the models necessary to deliver a mathematical emulator that represents the system dynamics and dynamic complexity

  • Risk Discovery

    Test scenarios to identify possible risks by finding the point at which the system will hit a singularity and use the corresponding information to diagnose the cause of the risk.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Proactively build remediation plans to eliminate, eventually reduce or counterbalance the impact of unwanted risks.

  • Risk Monitoring

    Use real-time surveillance to identify changing risk patterns and apply prescriptive plans at the right time to avoid negative outcomes.


Gain the support you need to expose the operational risks that other methods miss and validate business decisions.


Use the latest innovations to accurately predict future system behaviors and take strategic actions to improve business outcomes.

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See how we’ve helped others achieve their business goals by identifying operational risks and opportunities.


Stay up to date with how breakthroughs in mathematical emulation, analytics and generative intelligence are changing the world.

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Charlie Fote

Inadequate methods of risk management are a barrier to the future growth of business. We need new methods of risk management to identify better opportunities and become more agile.

Charlie Foteformer Chairman and Chief Executive OfficerFirst Data
Alain Roset

As consumer demands for postal services evolve and competition intensifies, mathematical emulation has helped our organization make strategic decisions that net cost savings without impacting the quality of services we are committed to preserving.

Alain RosetLa PosteLa Poste

Advanced Risk Intelligence